Welcome to CIFF2020.


Hello, all. Without needing to get into the specifics I think we all understand this year is different than others.
We want to say thank you to each and every director, writer, actor, key-grip and anyone who made each of these films a reality.
We want to make clear our appreciation for you patience in working with us to provide something we love putting together just as much as you each love making films.

To our audience – we apologize in advance for any technical errors you may encounter. We invite you to lodge all complaints with our “web guy”.

His info will be made available. Here:

Thanks again.

Please stay safe during the pandemic, stay inspired, and wash your hands.

Please enjoy,
Covellite Intl. Film Fest Team.

How to watch.


Less Than Beta Option.

1. Download
2. Open
3. Install
4. Install Anyways
5. Don’t Report

this assumes you know how to install 3rd-party APKs to your device. And your security permissions are set and ready

This is only available because Play Console has not approved our application due to COVID-19 longer wait times.