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Among Wolves, Shawn Convey, USA
Chasing Evel, Jhod Cardinal, Canada
D’Inked A Tattoo Removal Documentary, Jacob Tillman, USA
Dev, Diary, Alessio Summerfield, USA
Facing the Storm: Story of the American Bison, Doug Hawes-Davis, USA
History Speaks: Diary of a Generation, Susan Cummings, USA
Ice Guardians, Jhod Cardinal, Canada
Parque Central, Sean Gillane, USA

Perfect, Jhod Cardinal, Canada
Roadside Radiation, Polina Moshenska, Germany
Two Rivers, Doug Hawes-Davis, USA
Trigger: The Ripple Effect of Gun Violence, David Barnhart, USA
Voices Beyond the Wall- Twelve Love Poems from the Murder Capital of the World, Brad Coley, USA
Weird Paul, Eric M. Schrader, USA
Worth the Wait, Dick Maney, USA


Ape Hole, Franz Reinhardt, USA
Black Water, Tanmay Srivastava, India
Commodity City, Jessica Kingdon, USA
High Signs, Damien Patrik, USA
Lonely Kingdom, Thom Southerland, USA
Radioactive Veteran, Bradley Bethel, USA
Raising Hopes, Jiaqi Yu, USA
Refuge, David Barnhart, USA

Tazo – The Perfect Cup of Tea, Sonia Halvorson, USA
The Bladesmiths, Doug Hawes-Davis, USA
The Other Side, Anthony Goertz, Canada
Tsvetayeva and Mayakovskogo (Streets), Polina Moshenska, Ukraine
Voice of the Hi-Line, Doug Hawes-Davis, USA


Art of Obsession, Ryan Andrews, Canada
Crazy Right, Patrick Green, USA
Forever Fighter, Johnny Rayne, USA
In the Name of Comedy, Brett Eidman, USA
Little Star, Tamir Rawlings, USA
Mobster’s Guru, Dilara Omur, Turkey
Painted Woman, James Cotten, USA

Rusty, Jesse Kane, USA
Scent of Cigar, Nandaian K.A., India
The 5 Year, James Christopher, USA
The Lurking Man, Maritza Brikisak, USA
The Watchman’s Canoe, Barri Chase, USA
What Separates Us, Isaac Marble, USA


A Piercing Silence, Zac Weinstein, USA
After the Fall, Matthew Manyak, USA
Beast, Brock Forrette, USA
Before and After, Ricards Tigeris, Sweden
Beggar Girl, Mary Lee Hermann, USA
Chickenhead, Aaron Johnson, USA
Chocolate Pieces, Georgia Goggin, UK
Collider, Sean Freeland, USA
Count, Anthony Lopez, USA
Curly Power, Felipe Haurelhuk, Brazil
Detours, Davi de Oliveira Pinheiro, Brazil
District Quarantine, Damian Lahey, USA
Evocation of a Nightmare, Wally Chung, USA
FATE, Anton Forsdik, Sweden
Feng-Ling, Danielle Parker, USA
For Jean Pierre Mellville, Donny Persons, USA
Heads, Leigh Pietz, USA
Homecoming, Daniel Cavallini, USA
I am Sad, Duane Gulick, USA
Je Suis Le Roi, Geoffrey Aaron George, USA
Laid to Rest, Shawn Anthony, USA
Like Totally Hot Couple Seeking the Same, Kirsten Russell, USA
Mayfly, Akhilesh Tripathi, India
Melissa, Cedric Smith, USA
Mental, Jax Smith, Canada
Old Dogs Never Die, Steven Durgarn, USA

Phulsiri, Ngima Gelu Lama, Nepal
Pilgrims, Corbitt Howard, USA
Reaching Out, John Zanardelli, USA
Reuben, Kaisania Calubaquib, USA
Same Old, Michael Yu, Hong Kong
Spring: The Fairest of the Seasons, John Henry Haseltine, USA
Spunk of the Reaper, Donny Persons, USA
StalkerZ, Damien Patrik, USA
Swan Lake, Saeed Mayahy, Iran
TASTE OF LOVE, Mathilde Li Ricque
Tender Moments, Alberto Govela, USA
The Cutting Shadow, Vu Pham, USA
The Last Request of Sheriff Johnson, Theodore Carl Flood, USA
The Stars, Matteo Blanco (Giampetruzzi), Italy
The Tragedy of Donald Trump, Clint Connors, USA
Uncle Silas, Rebecca Brillhart, USA
Under Clear and Innocent Waters, Davi de Oliveira Pinheiro, Brazil
Valentines, Chris Filipowicz, USA
White Elephant, Aaron Murtagh, USA
WINTRY SPRING, Mhohamed Kamel, Egypt
Zombies in Retail, Troy Greenwood, Canada


00:00, C S Prakhyat, India
4242, Sara Eustaquio, Portugal
L’Alchimiste, James Gregg, USA
A Blank Piece of Paper, Ruchir Bodicherla, USA
A Hidden Gem, James Gregg, USA
Bi-Polar, lily Lizotte, USA
Charlotte Posts a Photo, Kierin Rogers, USA
Don’t Open the Door!, Vasile Berde/Luca Stefan, Romania
Don’t Touch that Dial, James Gregg, USA
Dream with Me, Harrison Killian, USA
From Dogs to Wolves, Azure Allen, USA
Girl A, Jess O’Brien, UK
Hello, C S Prakhyat, India
Heteroclite, Lily Lizotte, USA

I am Alright, and You?, Raul Galvan, Mexico
Kaddish, Shmuel Perl, USA
Labyrinth, C S Prakhyat, India
Life, Ruchir Bodicherla, USA
Miles Away, Lily Lizotte, USA
Mirror, Sara Eustaquio, Portugal
New Beijing Story, Zeyingtai Lyu, China
Processing, Felipe Vargas, USA
Roll Call, Ben Reingold, USA
Student Council President, James Gregg, USA
The Organ Harvest, Lil Lizotte, USA
The Trees Will Remember, Ash Sumpter, Slovakia
Utforska, Gabby Fiszman, USA