Round Tripping - Post Production WorkflowFriday : 11:00AM - 01:00PM

Imagine Butte Resource Center 
68 W. Park St
Butte MT 59701

Hosted by Brian Hathaway, Owner and Editor - Under the Knife Post Productions

Come and explore 4K-8K resolution workflows. Start with Davinci Resolve, create proxies, then trip to Avid or Adobe Premiere, trip to Graphics, finally relink back to the hi-res files in Davinci Resolve. Learn the ins and outs of this technique and see how the pros work their post production magic.

Filmmakers Anonymous - Filmmaking & Mental HealthSaturday : 11:00AM - 01:00PMImagine Butte Resource Center 
68 W. Park St
Butte MT 59701Hosted by Award Winning Filmmaker, Ian Fowler - dir of Crazy Right and The Space Between Words

Ian Fowler talks about the hard knock life of independent film making, getting over the stumbling blocks of making a film, and hopefully how to keep a cool head when on set and in post. This is an interactive workshop, so don’t only bring questions, bring stories.