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Covellite Film Fest

Salvation Army

It’s been the home to Salvation Army activities since the 1920s.

The change of direction starts with Capt. Sylvan Young,  whom has allowed the Covellite Film Festival to show select screenings in it’s three story brick and sandstone block building was built in 1923.

Purchase Day Pass
Purchase Day Pass

FRI - 15TH

Documentary Features

Dev Diary, dir by Alessio Summerfield, USA, 68min – 12:50PM

Short Blocks

I Am Sad, Duane Gulick, USA, MT, 20min
Heads, dir. by Leigh Pietz, USA, 10min
UNBECOMING, dir. by Chris White, USA, 19min
Homecoming, dir. by Mark A. Nash, USA, 20min
Feng-Ling, dir. by Dani Parker, USA, 16min
Joy of Funerals, dir by Jennifer Jane & John Sweeney, USA, MT, 13min
Reaching Out, dir by John Zanardelli, USA, 12min


Valentines, dir. by Chris Filipowicz, USA, MT, 06min
Count, dir. by Anthony Lopez, USA, 11min
Victimized, dir by Charles Perry, USA, 07min
Spunk Of The Reaper, dir by Bryan Hiltner, USA, 22min
How to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse in Retail, dir by Troy Greenwood, Canada, 25min
Evocation of a Nightmare, dir by Wally Chung, USA, 2min
The Price, dir Shawn Anthony, USA, 16min
Laid to Rest, dir. by Jennifer Valdes, USA, 09min
District Quarantine, dir. by Damian Lahey, USA, 09min
Beast, dir by Brock Forrette, USA, MT, 11mini


Narrative Features

Painted Woman, dir by James Cotten, USA, 108min – 6:45PM

Rusty, dir. by Garret Noël, USA, MT, 82min, – Preceded by Just a Little More, dir by Joe Sullivan – 16min9PM

SAT - 16TH

Short Blocks

White Elephant, dir. by Aaron Murtagh, USA, 07min
WINTRY SPRING, dir. by Mohamed Kamel, Egypt, 16min
Chocolate Pieces, dir. by Emma Curtis, UK, 13min
Old Dogs Never Die, dir. by Jim Dougherty, 26min
Taste of Love, dir. by Pakin Ange Regis, France, 13min
Reuben, dir. by Kaisania Calubaquib, USA, 15min
Pilgrims, dir. by Jonathan Guggenheim, USA, 09min


YOUTH BLOCK 2 – Domestic – 3PM
The Tragedy of Donald Trump, dir Clint Connors, USA, MT, 09min
Roll Call, dir by Ben Reingold, USA, 10min
Processing, dir by Felipe Vargas, USA , 07min
Life, dir by Ruchir Bodicherla, USA, 02min
Utforska, dir by Gabby Fiszman, USA, 07min
A Blank Piece of Paper, dir by Ruchir Bodicherla, USA 01min
Charlotte Posts a Photo, dir by Kierin Rogers, USA, 07min
Kaddish, dir by Shmuel Perl, USA, 14min
“A Hidden Gem”, dir by  Jack Sanders, USA, 01min
Don’t Touch That Dial, dir. by Chris Lowry, USA,, 04min
Student Council President,  Kate Manning, USA, 05min
Mirror, dir. by Sara Eustaquio, USA, 03min
Dream With Me, dir. by Harrison Killian, USA, 05min
“L’Alchimiste”, dir. by Chris Lowry, USA, 03min
From Dogs to Wolves, dir by Azure Allen, USA, 10min
After the Fall, dir. by Matthew Manyak, USA, 20min


Narrative Features

The Lurking Man, dir by Maritza Brikisak, USA, 89min – 6:45PM

Doucheaholics, dir by Sean McCarthy USA, 90min – 9PM