************************** Covid-19 Update **************************

Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, we will be transitioning the 2020 Covellite International Film Festival, to a virtual setting. We will be launching our new site in September. Notices for the 2020 film festival will go out in July, and we ask that you please be patient with us, while we orchestrate this change. We're so disappointed that we won't be able to see you this year in person, but we will do our best to bring Butte, Montana to you.

updated 04/30/2020


Covellite International Film Festival

The Covellite International Film Festival is an annual showcase of independent films from around the world set in Butte, Montana. CIFF is uniquely focused on collaboration and connection. In addition to screenings, the festival features production workshops, filmmaker talks, meet-ups, and demonstrations of new media technology, all with the ultimate goal of growing and supporting the burgeoning film community in southwest Montana.

Screening Locations

01. Covellite Theatre The
Covellite Theatre
The Covellite originated as the First Presbyterian Church and was completed in 1896, sandstone & granite in a gothic architecture was a great improvement from the original wooden church that stood at the same site. Giant timber framed trusses hold up the roof and the ceiling is ornately crafted to maximize sound resonance.
02. Copper Bowl / Finlen Copper Bowl Room
@Hotel Finlen
The Taras Family purchased the Finlen in 1979 and still own and operate it today. Since then a number of significant improvements have been completed, such as; Restoration of the Hotel Lobby, Treasure State Ballroom, Copper Bowl Ballroom, and Cavalier Lounge. All of the visitors and guests can now experience the grandeur that is the Finlen.
03. Butte Central Butte
Butte's Catholic education heritage actually goes back 128 years ago. In 1881, Montana was still a territory. Butte was a wide open, tough mining town. With the increasing number of Catholic miners, mostly Irish, they wanted proper education for their children. The Sisters of Mercy were the initial teachers of the Butte kids in the early 1880's.


All judge's picks have been made prior to the festival's opening. You are however, still encouraged to attempt to bribe them with drinks.

Slide JUDGE Barri
Independent Filmmaker/Educator, Coos Bay, OR Barri has made many short films and music videos. She brings years of experience from the fashion, beauty and fine art photography industries, to carefully create and shape each scene. Her film HAND OF THE EARTH, won 5 festival awards including: best director, best in category, best editor, best sound design and best visual effects. Barri’s music video WEATHER, WHETHER is a great example of her directing style and aesthetic talents. The Watchman’s Canoe was her first feature film.
Slide JUDGE Ian
Independent Filmmaker, Portland, OR Independent Filmmaker, Portland, OR Ian Stewart Fowler is an award winning director and writer, known for Crazy Right (2018), Threads and A Tale of Delight (2012) . Catch a preview screening of Ian’s newest film, The Space Between Words, on Sunday.
Slide JUDGE Apo
Independent Filmmaker, San Francisco, CA Apo W. Bazidi is an award-winning filmmaker who has been interested in storytelling and writing since he was a child. Apo was later inspired and encouraged by his mentor, Angelo Ciaffi, to pursue his passion for a career in film. He began studying film at City College of San Francisco in 2006 and he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Film & Television Production from the University of Southern California in 2011.
Slide JUDGE Troy
Actor, Writer, Director and Producer, Alberta, Canada Troy Greenwood is a hyphenate . He writes, directs, produces, acts, edits and everything in-between on a quest to make quality content . His last produced projects ‘Faded Image’ and ‘How to Survive (a Zombie Apocalypse) in Retail’ had a good run of the festival circuit winning multiple awards .