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Covellite Film Fest

Covellite Theatre

The Covellite is a 225 seat theater with a small lounge/ reception area on the lower level. The 600 square foot stage will accommodate a variety of events such as: films & movies, theater acts, concerts, recitals, weddings, corporate events, and more. Smaller events can use the lower level 300 square foot stage or the smaller projector for small performances, puppet shows, slide shows, and small meetings.

Purchase Day Pass
Purchase Day Pass


Documentary Features

Parque Central, dir. by Ricardo Gaona, USA, 83min – 1:15PM

Narrative Features

Little Star, dir by Tamir Rawlings, USA, MT, 90min – 3:30PM

Detours, dir. by Pedro Guindani, Brazil, 93min – 6:15PM

What Separates Us, dir. by Bryan Ferriter, USA, MT, 91min – 8:30PM


Shorts Block

Mayfly, dir. by Akhilesh Tripathi, India, 20min
Beggar Girl, dir. by MaryLee Herrmann, USA, 20min
Phulsiri, dir. by Ngima Gelu Lama, Nepal, 30min
The Tragedy of Donald Trump, dir Clint Connors, USA, MT, 09min
Like Totally Hot Couple Seeking Same, dir by Kirsten Russell, USA, 17min
For Jean-Pierre Melville, dir by Ira David Flowers, USA, 06min


Melissa, dir. by Cedric Smith, USA, 21min
Spring: The Fairest of the Seasons, dir. by John Henry Haseltine, USA, 20min
Tender Moments, dir. by Alberto Govela & Rob Neilson, USA, 14min
Uncle Silas, dir. by Sayra Player, USA, 15min
Collider, dir. by Paul Jenkins, USA, 08min
The Last Request Of Sheriff Johnson, dir. by Theodore Carl Flood, USA, 29min


Documentary Features

Worth The Wait, dir by Dick Maney, USA, MT, 65min – 12:45PM

Filmmaker Forum

Directors on Directing5PM

Hosted by filmmaker Damien Patrik. Come listen to directors talk about directing, their world view, why they make films, and what it’s like going through the process. Hopefully no heads explode.

Narrative Features

Scent Of Cigar, dir by Nandajan K.A, India, 104min –  6:15PM

The Things We’ve Seen, dir. by Tre Manchester, USA, 80min – 8:30PM

FRI - 15TH

Narrative Features

The 5 Year , dir by James Christopher, USA, 94min –  12:45PM

Forever Fighter, dir by Johnny Rayne, USA, 75min –  3:00PM

Crazy Right, dir by Ian Fowler, USA, 84min –  8:30PM

SAT - 16TH

Shorts Block

YOUTH BLOCK 1  International – 12:45PM
Don’t Open the Door, dir. by Vasile Berde Luca Stefan, Romania, 05min
Same Old, dir. by Yul Ahn, Michael Yu, Hong Kong, 12min
The Trees Will Remember, dir. by Ash Sumpter, Slovakia, 19min
Hello, dir. by C S Prakhyat, India, 06min
4242, dir. by Sara Eustaquio, Portugal, 11min
Labyrinth, dir. by C S Prakhyat, India, 08min
“00:00”, dir. by C.S. Prakhyat, India, 04min
I Am Alright, And You?, dir. by Raul Galvan, Mexico, 12min
Fate, dir. by Anton Forsdik, Sweden, 15min
New Beijing Story, dir. by Zeyingtai Lyu, China, 14min
The Stars, dir. by Matteo Blanco, Italy, 15min
Before and After, dir. by Ricards Tigeris, Sweden, 03min

Total ——————————107min

Je Suis Le Roi, dir. by Geoffrey Aaron George, USA, 15min
Mental, dir. by Jax Smith, Canada, 12min
Under Clear and Innocent Waters, dir. by Emiliano Cunha, Brazil, 18min
The Cutting Shadow, dir. by Vu Pham, USA, 18min
StalkerZ, dir. by Damien Patrik, USA, 03min
Chickenhead, Aaron Christopher Johnson, USA, 21min
A Piercing Silence, dir. By Dave Prokopec, 14min


Documentary Features

Two Rivers, dir by Doug Hawes-Davis, USA, MT, 47min –  3:30PM

Narrative Features

The Watchman’s Canoe, dir by Barri Chase, USA, 90min –  6:15PM

Art Of Obsession, dir by Ryan Andrews, Canada, 94min – 10:45PM